Author: one that originates or creates; the writer of a literary work (as a book)

I mentioned in a previous post that I will be attending Yallwest this weekend. I’m super excited to see some of my favorite authors and be among book-loving people like me. The line-up is incredible–over 100 YA authors will be in attendance. Many of them have written some of my favorite books. I went through the list to make notes on which authors’ books I enjoyed.

Here’s how it breaks down:

  • Victoria Aveyard, Red Queen, Cruel Crown: I really liked the first book in her series, Red Queen. It’s a dystopian world with a caste system of Reds and Silvers, with Reds being the common people and Silvers having supernatural powers. The main character is Mare, who is a Red but discovers she has Silver-like powers. I read the novella that bridges the first and second book, which was pretty good. I’m looking forward to reading the second novel, Glass Sword.


  • Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone series: A fantasy world with the supernatural Grisha, including Alina, who can summon light to fight the Darkling. Super dark and epic. I haven’t read her next book, Six of Crows, but I’m planning on picking up a copy this weekend.


  • Alexandra Bracken, The Darkest Minds series: Another dystopian world where teenagers have supernatural powers (I’m sensing a theme, here). Ruby and love interest Liam, along with adorable Zu and hilarious Chubs, fight to stay out of rehabilitation camps and bring down the system. She has a new novel, Passenger, that I’m excited to read.


  • Ally Condie, Matched series, Atlantia: I really enjoyed reading the dystopian Matched series, in which teenagers are matched to each other based on personality and skill. Cassia and Ky, though matched, fall in love on their own. I also liked Atlantia, about a girl named Rio who lives in an undersea dome.


  • Arwen Elys Dayton, Traveler series: I’ve read the first two books of this series and they’re pretty epic. It’s like a futuristic world with elements of the past, all about family secrets and traveling through portals. The characters are fierce and likeable. Excited for the third!


  • Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl, Beautiful Creatures series: As is often the case, the book was much better than the movie. I loved the paranormal Casters and the southern charm. Lena and Ethan were adorable. I haven’t read anything by either of these authors since, though I did notice that Margaret Stohl’s Icons is on my list. I’ll have to check it out.


  • Shannon Hale, The Books of Bayern series: I really liked the world created in this fantasy series, and the books that highlighted the various characters, Ani, Enna, Razo, and Rin. I like how they all connect and yet stand alone. She’s written a bunch of other stuff I want to read, e.g. Princess Academy and Austenland. 


  • Amie Kaufman, These Broken Stars series: I loved these sci-fi books. Again, amazing world development and connecting characters throughout a series, similar to Shannon Hale. I loved the romances and witty banter. Beautiful covers and an epic finale.


  • Marie Lu, Legend series, Young Elites series: Marie Lu can do no wrong. I love both of her series. The characters are diverse and complicated and the stakes are high. The worlds are imaginative and tangible. Definitely need to reread them all, and excited for the third in the Young Elites. 


  • Alyson Noel, Soul Seekers series: I’ve only read one of the series’ that Noel has written, and it was interesting. Like a fantasy set in a contemporary world of New Mexico. It was complicated and a required a lot of “in your head” time. I would like to see what else she has written.


  • Mary Pearson, The Remnant Chronicles: This is an author I’ve read more recently. I listened to the first two books in the series on audiobook and am currently reading the corresponding novella while waiting for the next installment. I like the fantasy/dystopian aspect and the love triangle. A lot of witty banter and swooning.


  • Ransom Riggs, Miss Peregrine’s series: I recently finished the third and final installment of this series, and my, it was quite peculiar! I loved the way the story incorporated odd vintage pictures. I wonder what else he’s written….


  • Veronica Roth, Divergent series: Being like Veronica Roth is every aspiring YA author’s goal. She wrote Divergent in college and she’s super young (younger than me) and has this huge franchise with movies and such. She seems super cool. I loved the books. Still haven’t seen the third movie.


  • Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park: I really liked this book. It was quirky and outside the box and heartbreaking. While I wasn’t a fangirl of Fangirl, I do like her writing style and am interested to see what else she’s written.


  • Marie Rutkoski, Winner’s trilogy: Another awesome fantasy world with a slave and ruler falling in love. I love the interactions between Kestrel and Arin. Definitely want to buy book 3.


  • Neal Shusterman, Unwind series, Challenger Deep: Another author who can do no wrong, in my opinion. I LOVE the Unwind books; I will gobble up as many as I can. I also really enjoyed Challenger Deep, which was totally different and thought-provoking and incredible. I want more!


  • Sabaa Tahir, An Ember in the Ashes: A fantasy set in a Rome-like world, with Laia, the slave, becoming a spy in the military academy, where she falls in love with Elias, one of its top students and her enemy. Love it. Can’t wait for the next one.


Wow. I may just spend the entire weekend waiting in line to greet the authors and gush my love all over them. And I may spend all of my money on books. I’m gonna need a bigger backpack.

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