Here’s what I’m currently working on:


FIRE-KNIFE GIRL: A YA contemporary romance about Kalea Pasi, a 16-year-old hula dancer from the North Shore of O’ahu who dreams of becoming a becoming a fire-knife dancer like her late grandfather. The only problem is, it’s a traditionally male role and the choreographers aren’t willing to give her a chance. The new director agrees to let her audition–if she plays tour guide to his spoiled teenage son. (revising)


PHOENIX FALLING: A dual-POV YA contemporary romance about a social media influencer who moves back to her hometown after four years in LA. No longer the insecure nerd her bullies remember, Phoenix is determined to take over as her high school’s most popular student and to boost her followers so she can fund her father’s business venture. She recruits Damien West, a self-proclaimed outcast, to be her photographer. While Damien hates social media and everything Phoenix represents, he realizes there’s more to her than her online façade portrays. When an enemy posts a video of Phoenix criticizing a sponsor’s product, she goes into crisis mode. If she can’t discover the anonymous poster, she may lose everything: her lifesavings, her followers, even her relationship with her father. (completed)


OCD CAMP: A YA contemporary #ownvoices novel with a diverse cast of characters at an OCD summer camp for teenagers. The main character is Daphne Tuckerman, a 16-year-old from Chicago who suffers from trichotillomania (compulsive hair-pulling). Her fellow campers include a basketball recruit whose compulsions manifest in multiples of 3, the germaphobe daughter of a telenovela star, a sweet girl whose dermatillomania has covered her body in scars, a perfectionist academe who can’t stop studying, and a silent giant who doesn’t trust himself around weapons. When they counselors confiscate their contraband possessions, the teens team together to steal their stuff back, making alarming discoveries along the way. (outlined)